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What are your hobbies/interests?
Swimming, trying new things, going out to eat, watching movies at the cinema and at home.

Why do you like teaching Mandarin?
Mandarin is both the most native spoken language in the world and also my own native language so of course I’m very happy to teach everybody Mandarin in a very sexy way ^_^

What is your secret in teaching Mandarin?
Oh I have many, but if I told you then they wouldn’t be a secrets

What kind of things do you look for in men?
Good swimmer, good dancer, has a cool motorcycle, likes the fast and the furious movies, likes to learn Mandarin.

What Chinese dish would you recommend to your students?
Actually I can make a very delicious homemade style Chinese potato stew with pork, I have my own secret recipe using special herbs and spices. After only a few bites your Mandarin will improve ^_^


  1. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    呵, 沒有什麼可以去吃中國菜的地方! 太可惜了!
    我了解你! 我也住在外國, 找不到我的國家的菜!
    沒有辦法, 你需要自己做飯 🙁
    呵, 没有什麽可以去吃中国菜的地方! 太可惜了!
    我了解你! 我也住在外国, 找不到我的国家的菜!
    没有办法, 你需要自己做饭 🙁

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        有人不喜歡它嗎? 他一定很奇怪啊!如果這裏沒有泰飯店和中國飯店, 德國人就已經餓著我了!
        有人不喜欢它吗? 他一定很奇怪啊!如果这里没有泰饭店和中国饭店, 德国人就已经饿着我了!

  2. Mike
    Mike on said:

    Wendy, it was fun taking another one of your classes. I also figured out another definition of 钱包: coin purse (sometimes coin wallet). It’s a small little bag used to keep coins and other small valuables.

    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      Thank you ^_^
      Some people use it, we call it “硬币包(Yìng bì bāo)”or“零钱包(Líng qián bāo)”

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        I’m so happy you enjoyed my class!
        Hope to see you next time! 😉
        And your Chinese is improving!

      • Mike
        Mike on said:

        Yep! I might have to upgrade to the next tier so I take a private lesson with you and a private lesson with Carie.

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