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What kind of men would get your attention?
I like the man who can make me feel secure. Also punctuality is a must.

What’s best advice for students who want to learn Chinese?
Talk more and use Mandarin as often as you can. I also think that learning some dirty talks is a useful way of knowing a language.

What other job experiences do you have?
I did some logistics management job before.

What are your hobbies/ interests?
I like swimming and sleeping. If can’t have more than 8 hour sleep everyday, I’ll feel very uncomfortable.

What Chinese dish would you recommend a foreigner to try?
I think Cantonese dishes are the best in China. You must have a try of Liquor-Soaked Chicken.

How would you compare Chinese women to other nationalities?
I think Chinese women are more virtuous and emotional. Most Chinese women are family-oriented.


    • Vrenna on said:

      你好 Daniel, 我是 Vrenna! I hope that you can keep repeating my youtube videos and then let your ears get used to Chinese! I think it is the fastest way to learn. Thank you!

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