Safe 安 ān

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  1. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    Let me try a few example sentences to see if I use it correctly!

    (Swimming here is not safe. There are sharks.)
    (I wish you a safe journey)
    (You better hide the key at a very safe place)

    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      1.What you said is right, but the word “沙”is wrong,you should use“鲨”
      2.“我祝你有一个安安全全的旅行”or“我祝你旅行安全”,both ok
      3.你应该把钥匙(隐)藏在一个非常安全的地方.“隐藏”nomaly in Chinese we say “隐藏事实”,“藏” we use it for things or people,like “藏人”、“藏东西”

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        It is really kind of you to go through my old examples! I tried to apply this insight about 藏 on the vocabulary page of today.

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