North 北 běi

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      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        You will get better fast. Unless you are using Korean chopsticks. I heard they are a pain…

        It helps to use bowls instead of plates – and my Chinese friends all do so. Additionally, the way Asian rice is cooked often makes it very easy to eat with chopsticks.

      • Mike
        Mike on said:

        I’ve been using Korean chopsticks for most instances-most of the time they are metal and definitely takes time to get used to them…I am pretty good with wooden chopsticks already so I know I am ahead of the curve so to speak.

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        From what I hear they are tiny and I’ve never met a person outside my family with bigger hands than me, so I have avoided them…

  1. Mike
    Mike on said:

    Really? I have never seen tiny Korean chopsticks. They all have been normal sized except quite a few of them are metal, thus heavier than what one would expect when they first start using them.

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