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  1. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    I would like to learn the word “remind”. As in: “I reminded her, that Chinese people invented noodles”.

    1)在歐洲可以買的鞋對亞洲女人太大, 因此, 當她們回來亞洲的時候, 就應該買很多的鞋.
    (I think few disagree with the conclusion :))

    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      Hah! You are funny!
      Remind: 提醒 tí xǐng
      I reminded her, that Chinese people invented noodles:
      wǒ tí xǐng le tā ,shì zhōng guó rén fā míng de miàn tiáo

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        別提醒我那天! 當我回家時, 我忘記買鞋了. 現在怎麼辦? 我要買兒童鞋!

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Wait, like this it should make more sense:
        別提醒我那天了! 當我回家時, 我忘過買鞋. 然後怎麼辦? 我要買兒童鞋!
        (Don’t remind me of that day. Back home I had forgotten to buy shoes. Then what could I do… Punsh line only in Chinese :))

        And thank you 🙂

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        Here “remind” has the samiler meaning with “mention”
        For example:
        你的工作怎么样? nǐ de gōng zuò zěn me yàng ?
        How is your work?
        别提了!bié tí le !
        Do not mention it!
        Here”别提了”means you are unhappy about that


      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Thank you! Your corrections are very useful. They also show how 提醒 gets shortened into one hanzi when used with the bie…le pattern.

        What I was playing at was that, once she forgot buying shoes in China, she had to buy 兒童鞋 in Europe.

        As for this:
        I may not use it too much, as I love my work, but I feel that it’s a classic.

    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      Did you try to say: The shoes can be bought in Europe are too big for Asian women, so when they come back to Asia, they should buy a lot of shoes. If you tried to say that, then it’s right. But if you can put”来说” between “亚洲女人”and”太大”,it would be perfect.
      在歐洲可以買的鞋對亞洲女人来说太大, 因此, 當她們回亞洲的時候, 就應該買很多的鞋。
      “对…来说”is very useful in Chinese.
      For example: 这个问题对我来说太难了zhè ge wèn tí duì wǒ lái shuō tài nán le
      (This question is too hard for me)
      这个帽子对我来说太大了zhè ge mào zi duì wǒ lái shuō tài dà le
      (This hat is too big for me)

      Good day ^_^


      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Yes, that’s precisely what I wanted to say. Thank you for reminding me of 來說. Before I was not sure if it is better with it or without it.

        See? Above I also tried to use the new word 提醒 that you taught me!

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