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  1. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    I included traditional; and simplified for everyones convenience.
    1)點心都看起來那麼好吃, 我真的不知道該挑選哪個。
    = (点心都看起来那么好吃, 我真的不知道该挑选哪个)
    2)從很多之車子中, 終於她挑選了一輛紅色的法拉利。甚至有皮革座。但是她生氣了。她的表妹說了, 男人不會看她, 只會看法拉利。
    =(从很多之车子中, 终於她挑选了一辆红色的法拉利。甚至有皮革座。但是她生气了。她的表妹说了, 男人不会看她, 只会看法拉利)。
    3)你每天都罵我,你從來不工作, 你每夜都喝醉, 你變成了一個賭鬼。我看沒有別的選擇。我要回來我的父母的家!
    =(你每天都骂我,你从来不工作, 你每夜都喝醉, 你变成了一个赌鬼。我看没有别的选择。我要回来我的父母的家!)

    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      2.从很多的车子中,她终于挑选了一辆红色的法拉利。or you can say:她终于从很多的车子中挑选了一辆红色法拉利。use‘的’,not “之”
      3.Last sentence, it depends on where she is.
      If she is in her parents’ house, then you can say”回来”, “我只能回来我父母的家”, here because she is already in her parents’ house, so it doesn’t need to say”要”,you can use “只能” instead of “要”。
      If she is not in her parents’ house, then you only need to use “回”,“我要回我父母的家” 。

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        That is a very useful clarification! I think I have been confused about this again and again. I think I partly understand now:
        回家 is a fixed combination, used irrespective of the speakers whereabouts

        I still did n ot underatand whether 回來 is always used in reference to the current position of the speaker. Let’s say I am translating the following:
        “I was in Florida (now I am not). I left them at the casino. When I came back they were broke”. Would you use 回來 in this context?

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