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What are your hobbies/interests?

I’m a big fan for physics, and enjoy watching documentaries and reading memoirs about physicists. For leisure time, I like hiking and spending time on the beach. I also like reading novels, my favourite authors are Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and Stephen King.

What Chinese dish would you recommend foreigner to try?

I love Chinese skewers! If you wander around mainland China, you can see so many barbecue setup everywhere. I highly recommend you to pick one, sit down, order some local beer, and gulp tons of different skewers. I will be an unforgettable experience for you.

What’s best advice for students who wants to learn Chinese?

Pinyin is very important if you wanna start to speak Chinese as soon as possible. It happens so many times that the pinyin for certain word is very difficult to pronounce. In such situation, I suggest you to relate the sound to your mother tongue. For instance, the pinyin for ‘่Œถ (tea)’ is ‘cha’; it sounds basically the same with ‘char’ in ‘charge’. Keep notes about similar situations you encounter, I do believe it can be very helpful.

What kind of men would get your attention?

For completely strangers, I like tall guys, who give me a sense of safety. But after getting to know each other for a while, I tend to like hard-working and considerate guys.

How do you compare Chinese women to other nationalities?

Everyone knows you can never guess the real age of Asian women! I think Chinese women are youthful and energetic, but very conscious about the limit. We don’t overuse body to age faster, haha. Additionally, Chines ladies contribute a lot to their families and usually cook well.


  1. Mike
    Mike on said:

    Thanks for an informative lesson the other day. It was a bit challenging for me, since I still have to rely a lot on pinyin at this moment in time. But your explanations were good over the material!

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