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Describe yourself in a few words.
I would say “sweet”, elegant”, and “slanted eyes”.

What kind of men would get your attention?
This one is a little bit difficult, but I need a hard working guy that and pays attention to me and is talented. He has to be physically muscular, as I am actually a Tae Kwon Do coach.

What’s best advice for students who want to learn Chinese?
The best advice is to find a mandarin speaking partneror friend but of course it would be best to have a relationship with them! It is so important for people to keep practicing pronunciation daily.

What other job experiences do you have?
I am actually 176cm tall and a catwalk model, and also teach Tae Kwon Do at a few schools.

What are your hobbies/ interests?
I enjoy surfing (the real deal, not Internet!), and watching movies.

What Chinese dish would you recommend a foreigner to try?
I would definitely recommend, “oyster egg pancakes”, it’s a traditional Taiwanese dish and also my favorite!

How would you compare Chinese women to other nationalities?
I think we are more feminine than other women!


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