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  1. Mamat on said:

    ty for these videos,i have sbescriubd. the most beautiful girl i have ever seen is chinese. her name is yuyan and she is the reason why i am here. i hope one day to learn chinese so i can visit and marry her.

  2. 大吸血鬼
    大吸血鬼 on said:

    你好 Demi, 我叫大卫。我现在住在武汉。 我阅读了在你的个人配置文件, 你来自成都。 我很喜欢四川的小吃。I have been living in China for almost two years now. Since I came to China I have been teaching myself Chinese and it has been a very slow process. I was very happy to find this website. I have learned a lot already and enjoyed your video lessons very much. 非常感谢。-David

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