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  1. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    1)那天之後, 我不再相信任何人。
    2)他不在乎跟完全不認識的女人一起睡覺, 但是他永遠也不能給她自己的皮包,車字鑰匙, 還是信用卡。人是不是個傻動物?
    1)那天之后, 我不再相信任何人。
    2)他不在乎跟完全不认识的女人一起睡觉, 但是他永远也不能给她自己的皮包,车字钥匙, 还是信用卡。人是不是個傻動物?

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        人是不是个傻动物 is better 😉
        You should say”或者信用卡”, not"还是信用卡"
        If you use “还是” means you only have 2 choices, for example:"你想喝茶还是咖啡?"

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Thank you! I hadn’t been able to nailk this difference. Up to now I thought hai2shi4 was usually for questions (which would also put it wrong here), but I wasn’t aware of this point!

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        ‘还是’ normally we use it in 2 ways.
        For example :
        1.你想继续上学还是想工作 ?(Question. In a question it means you need to choose)
        2.我还是忘不了它。(Declarative sentence.It means “still”)

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        哎呀, 中文語法太難明白呀!
        要是這個是正確的, 它和你寫的句子的意思是不是一樣的?

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        The sentence is correct.
        But “我还没有忘记它“and”我还是忘不了它“are not exactlly the same.
        “我还没有忘记它“means “I still remember it”
        ”我还是忘不了它“means “I still can not forget it”

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Ah, thanks! This is bu4liao3! I heard this many times, but never used it. I shall try to make some exmples with it!

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        Yes, for example:
        “了不起 Liǎo bù qǐ ”
        “了不得 Liǎo bù dé ”
        “了解 Liǎo jiě ”
        “了结 Liǎo jié ”
        “了断 Liǎo duàn ”
        “了如指掌 Liǎo rú zhǐ zhǎng”
        “去不了 Qù bù liǎo”

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