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full (of food)
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    • Wendy
      Wendy on said:

      You can say:小车子里坐满了漂亮的小姑娘
      “饱含”normally is for the things that can‘t be accounted, like “tear,water,knowledge”

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        What do you mean by “local”?

        I am also not sure when to use 小姐, 姑娘, 美女, 女生,… I have asked about this in the “Ask Tiffany” section of the Forum. I would appreciate if as many teachers as possible answered. Thereby I would be reassured how young women like to be adressed. Because some say I should use 小姐, others say 小姐 can be utterly misunderstood, so I am confused…

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        It’s a very good question!
        1.”美女“ means beautiful women around 15-35 ,but in China some people call all the women “美女“, because they can get something from these women.
        2.”女生“normally is used in school,like”我们班有30个男生25个女生“ because ”生“means ”学生“,but in real life people also use it as ”girl“,like”我喜欢脾气好的女生“
        3.”小姐“means young ladies,but people don’t use it very often, because in China
        people also call hooker “小姐”
        4.“姑娘”means young girls

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        多謝你! This question has really confused me.

        So, when I don’t want the girl to think I want to get something from her, only 女生 and 姑娘 remain, right? 女生 is not a term of adress, or is it? So only 姑娘??

      • Wendy
        Wendy on said:

        You can’t call people “女生",you can only call them “美女、小姐、姑娘",only few people on mainland China mind if you call them “小姐",and all the girls are very happy if you call them”美女”。For example, you can call me "小姐、美女 、姑娘",all good

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:


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