Cyberbox by SexyMandarin

SexyMandarin on New Generation IP TV

  • 24 hours of hot educational SexyMandarin content straight to your TV.
  • Exclusive SexyMandarin content only available through this offer.
  • No satellite/cable provider needed.
  • You provide the internet connection, Cyberbox does the rest!

Limited Time Offer

ORDER your Cyberbox Now!


Available for free with any SexyMandarin membership, from VALUE to DETERMINED, Cyberbox optimizes the learning experience with no download times.

Cyberbox is a cutting edge technology that brings SexyMandarin from the internet straight to your TV. Once Cyberbox has an internet connection, sit back and enjoy 24 hours of SexyMandarin content. Optimized for cutting edge televisions, enjoy 1080p for NO EXTRA COST to your existing SexyMandarin membership.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscribe at least a $39.95 / month package.


What is Cyberbox?
Cyberbox is a new way to view content. Bypasses traditional avenues of programming and gives you a direct link to the teachers at SexyMandarin.
Why do I want a Cyberbox?
Cyberbox provides 24 hour SexyMandarin programming, in the most optimized format available. You have access to exclusive behind the scenes content and lessons, only available to Cyberbox users.
How do set up cyberbox?
Plug your HDMI cord in Cyberbox and provide it with a wired or wireless internet connection and start learning!
Can my business provide SexyMandarin content with Cyberbox?
Yes! We offer special rates for small business. Send us an email!
How do I get a Cyberbox? How much does it cost?
Cyberbox is completely free with any 2 year SexyMandarin Commitment.