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Describe yourself in a few words.
“Serious”, “clumsy”, “tomboy”.

What kind of men would get your attention?
I like Caucasian men because they are a gentleman and they know how to treat Chinese women!

What’s best advice for students who want to learn Chinese?
What helped me when I learnt English was to always listen to the radio. My ears were always exposed to English and I was able to learn faster, so my students should do the same for Chinese!

What other job experiences do you have?
I teach middle school children algebra and science at prep school.

What are your hobbies/ interests?
I like to surf on “tao bao”, which is like the Chinese version of Amazon.com and do crazy shopping.

What Chinese dish would you recommend a foreigner to try?
Everybody knows “kong pao chicken”, so I would say you foreigners out there, try the real authentic Chinese version, and not the ketchup chicken.

How would you compare Chinese women to other nationalities?
Chinese women are the bosses of the relationship, unlike other nationalities!


  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi there Wendy,

    I just discovered this new way of teaching Mandarin. I tried to learn few month ago but I let it down it is so hard and I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate.

    I don’t if this new method could be succeeding.

    What do you think ?


  2. Anonymous on said:

    ni hao 🙂 ni hao ma ? ni de hen piao liang 🙂 I live in shenzhen and your teaching is great .. if ever you are around it would be great to meet you !! I am from the USA !!

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